Men and Women Styling Services

Men and Women Styling Services

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Style is an expression of who you are, but sometimes we need a little bit of help to find it. I want to offer you my personal styling services - for men and women - that caters to all body types, budgets, and lifestyles. 

Whether you want to simply modify your style, or find a completely new one, I will help you set your fashion goals and give you a new look. It's time for you and your clothes to have a happy relationship again.


Personal Styling for Client

  • If you are looking for a single outfit I offer 3 different budget options for you to choose from. Whether you are attending a party, wedding, or any other ocassion, this is the option for you. I will work with your budget to find an entire new outfit that fits exactly what you're looking for. Trust me, it's out there -- and I'm going to help you find it! 

Personal Shopping with Client

  • I offer 2 different budget options for you to choose from. Each option is for a 2 -3 hour shopping trip. (Maximum is 3 hours). Let's take a trip! If you are the type of client that wants to come along for the shopping ride and hit the most trendy and stylish boutiques, this option is for you. We will sit down and talk about what exactly you're looking for, and then I put your plan into action. Together we will find the right clothing style that fits you, accessories, and shoes all within the budget you choose. 

Wardrobe Transformation

  • Together we will sit down and have a consultation about what your fashion goals are. Maybe you want to completely re-vamp your wardrobe, or you need a perfect dress for a special occassion. Whatever your needs are, we will come up with your personalized Style Action Plan
  • Once we know what you're looking for, we prepare for a Shopping Spree! You have two options: I will go out solo and shop around for your new style that fits your budget, or we head to the boutiques and shop together. This will take approx. 2-3 hours, depending on what we're shopping for. Most of my clients prefer to sit back and relax while I tackle the clothing racks, but some people love to take part in the shopping experience and try on different outfits as we go. Either way is totally fine with me! 
  • The last part of our process is the Fitting. (My favorite). This is where you try on your new wardrobe that I've picked for you. Don't worry - if one of your garments doesn't fit correctly, or we need to take in a few inches, no problem. I've got a team of trained tailors who will customize your fit perfectly. 

PLUS A SPECIAL BONUS with the Wardrobe Transformation Option:

A Professional Photoshoot! What better way to show off your new style with a digital portfolio? All of your photos are yours to keep and use however you wish. I will feature a few of your best shots on my website and Instagram.  Pretty cool right?

Now let's get to work and create a NEW you....

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